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Scorpius with Visiting Wanderers

Scorpius with Mars and Saturn (LR, PS)

Scorpius with Mars and Saturn (LR, PS)

Almost a different constellation in the most colorful region of the milky way, when Scorpius received some visitor on 02 September 2016, Mars and Saturn. Photograph taken in Namibia.

IAS Observatory, Hakos, Namibia, 21.8 mag/”2
5D Mark II(a), 50/1.8 STM @ f/5.6
Fornax-50 mount, unguided
13x300s ISO 800, no flats/darks/bias
Image processing Lightroom, Photoshop, 90% crop

Namibia Deep Sky 2016

Finally, I managed to have a first go at processing all the deep sky images from this year’s visit to the IAS Observatory, Hakos, Namibia.

Endlich ist er fertig, ein erster Durchgang Bearbeitung der Deep Sky Bilder vom diesjährigen Aufenthalt auf der IAS, Hakos, Namibia.