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Gamsberg Drive

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Back on the Gamsberg, Namibia after a long CoViD hiatus. After the heavy rain season in spring 2022, the access pad (gravel road going up the mountain) was severely damaged and not passable for even a 4WD. During summer Nic of adjacent Farm Weener and his workers did a superb job in repairing the pad. So in August we went up …

The video shows uphill and downhill on the challenging access pad.

If you want to get a glimpse of the night sky on top of Gamsberg, have a look at my latest astro time-lapse video.

Special thanks to:
Nic for getting us safely up and down,
Sunja, Michael, Irene, Thomas, Sigi, Günter, and Toni
Internationale Amateursternwarte e.V.

An mj’s photography production, Copyright © 2022 Martin Junius
Music “Descent Part 4“, Copyright © 2022 Martin Junius

Fagradalsfjall Volcano Video w/Additional Footage

Fagradalsfjall Volcano – Iceland – 11 Sep 2021 w/Additional Footage

New version of the video, including drone footage by Philipp Richter und “Lava Geysir” close-ups by Adam Engel. Used with permission, thanks, guys.

Vimeo video @ 720p, higher full HD resolution @ 1080p posted to my YouTube channel.

Fagradalsfjall Volcano Eruption

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Fagradalsfjall Volcano Eruption #1

A trip to Iceland in September, with high hopes to see the Fagradalsfjall volcano in action. At first a bit disappointed, because activities stopped just before we arrived, we were lucky on the last but one day and the fourth hike into the volcano area. A splendid display of lava fountains and flows from the late afternoon into the night. More images/videos to come!

Namibia 2018 – Hakos

NA, gamsberg, hakos, hakos guest farm, khomas, namibia, world
Hakos 2018 – Gamsberg Close-up

Hakos und die IAS Sternwarte auf dem Farmgelände, mit Sicht auf den Gamsberg, waren wie die Jahre zuvor das “Basislager” für die Namibiareise. Leider im Jahr 2018 zur Marsopposition mit ziemlich schlechtem Wetter, auch nach der Rückkehr vom Gamsberg. Astrofotografisch relativ wenig Ausbeute, die schon vor einiger Zeit hier, hier, hier und in weiteren Einträgen gepostet wurde.

Die Bilder vom Hakos-Aufenthalt inklusive kleinem Ausflug mit “Rhino Drive” zur Gamsberg-Farm finden sich in der Galerie.

Namibia 2018 – Gamsberg

NA, gamsberg, gamsberg plateau, ias, ias observatory, ias observatory gamsberg, khomas, namibia, world
Gamsberg 2018 – Sunset – After the Rain #2

Trotz widriger Wetterbedingungen waren die sechs Nächte auf dem Gamsberg der Höhepunkt der Namibia-Reise, ein wenig “Star Party” Feeling auf 2340 m, die nächste Farm zwei Stunden entfernt, bei schwierigster Auf- und Abfahrt. Alle Bilder hier im Album Gamsberg.

Despite the cold and rainy weather, the six nights on the Gamsberg were the climax of our Namibia tour in 2018, a bit of “star party” feeling on 2340 m, two hours to the next farm, via a most difficult pad. All images here in the corresponding Gamsberg album.