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RCW 32 – Gum 15

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RCW 32 – Gum 15 – Emission Nebula in Vela – IAS Hakos, Namibia – Apr 2022 v1a

Another image from April at the IAS Observatory Hakos, Namibia. Designated RCW 32 or Gum 15, an emission nebula in the constellation Vela.

Meanwhile I started using PixInsight’s new Weighted Batch PreProcessor (WBPP), with the option to split the R, G, B channels in the Debayer process and align / integrate the channels separately. This really improves image quality with OSC and using WBPP takes over the otherwise tedious manual process.

All details at Astrobin.

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M78 – Reflection Nebula

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M78 – Reflection Nebula in Orion – IAS Remote Test – Dec 2021 – LRGB v1

A northern sky object (by just a few arc minutes ;-) from southern skies.

All details at Astrobin.

IAS – International Amateuersternwarte e.V. – Hakos Observatory, Namibia
Test of IAS remote telescope “Klein-Lukas”
Remote team: F. Hund, J. Obstfelder, L. Demetz, M. Mushardt, T. Klemmer, T. Winterer, M. Junius
Takahashi Epsilon 160, 10Micron GM3000 HPS, QHY268M, Chroma LRGB filters
210 x L, 64 x R, 70 x G, 62 x B, 60s each, mode 1, gain 56, offset 30, -10C, 4 x 20 skyflats, 12 darks
Total time: 24360s / 6h46
Data calibration/integration: PixInsight
Image processing: PixInsight, Photoshop, Lightroom

More H-alpha

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Sharpless 154 and 155 Cave Nebula – Ha BW – Nov 2021 v1
astrofotografie, astronomie, astronomy, astrophotography, auriga, b&w, black and white, bw, emission nebula, emissionsnebel, fotografie, ic, ic417, m38, messier, ngc, ngc1907, ngc1931, photography, schwarzweiß, sh2-234, sh2-237, sharpless, sw
IC 417 Emission Nebula and Friends – Ha BW – Nov 2021 v1

A completely clear night – not that many of them lately – provided several hours of H-alpha to catch the nebulosities above. Meanwhile I switched from the Optolong LRGBSHO filter set to the new Baader CMOS-optimized filters. At least H-alpha seems to work better in the combination with the Esprit 100 ED and QHY 268M, but still some problems with the flats.

See Astrobin here and here for details.

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Deep Sky 2017-2020

Tja, was macht man, wenn das Wetter nun schon wieder zwei Neumondperioden ohne Clear Skies hat verstreichen lassen und der Ausflug in die Weiten und den dunklen Himmel von Namibia Corona-bedingt ausgefallen ist?

Genau, in Erinnerungen schwelgen. ;-) Daher habe ich eine Auswahl von Deep Sky Aufnahmen aus den Jahren 2017-2020 als Video zusammengebaut. Da seinerzeit superproduktiv, dominieren die Hakos-Aufnahmen von 2019. Enjoy!

Auch hier bei Youtube.