C/2021 A1 Leonard – Animation

C/2021 A1 Leonard – Animation

Clouds/haze around dusk and limited transparency, but Leonard was bright enough to deliver approx. half an hour of usable data for this animation of the movements within the comet’s tail (22 RGB frames).

Also posted to my YouTube channel (new version).

IAS – Internationale Amateuersternwarte e.V. – Hakos Observatory, Namibia
Yet another test of IAS remote telescope “Klein-Lukas”
Remote team: F. Hund, J. Obstfelder, L. Demetz, M. Mushardt, T. Klemmer, T. Winterer, M. Junius

Takahashi Epsilon 160, 10Micron GM3000 HPS, QHY268M, Chroma RGB filters
22/37/32 x R, G, B, 30s each, mode 1, gain 56, offset 30, -10C

Data calibration/integration: PixInsight
Image processing: PixInsight, Lightroom
Video editing: Avisynth