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Using CC Child Pages

The website now uses the CC Child Pages plugin, replacing the Flexi Pages Widget, which vanished without trace from the WP plugin directory. Hopefully no hickups, and slowly but surely the parent category pages (especially in the Photography gallery hierarchy) will be updated accordingly.

Abell 194 Galaxy Cluster

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Abell 194 – Galaxy Cluster in Cetus – IAS Remote Telescope, Hakos, Namibia – Dec 2023 – LRGB v1

More data from the IAS remote telescope, the Abell 194 galaxy cluster in Cetus. Featuring NGC 519, 530, 535, 538, 541, 543, 545, 547, 548, 557, some ICs and tons of PGCs, see below.

All details at Astrobin.

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Galaxies in Dorado

astrofotografie, astronomie, astronomy, astrophotography, dorado, dorado group, galaxy, galaxy cluster, ic, ic2058, ngc, ngc1546, ngc1549, ngc1553, schwertfisch
NGC 1546, 1549, 1553 – Galaxies in Dorado – IAS Remote Telescope, Hakos, Namibia – Dec 2023 – LRGB v1

Recent data from the IAS remote telescope, collected over two nights. NGC 1546, NGC 1549, and NGC 1553, plus IC 2058 in this field of view in the constellation Dorado. The interacting galaxies NGC 1549 and 1553 are part of the Dorado Group.

More details at Astrobin.

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Flying Dragon Nebula (DSLR-AIP C088)

astrofotografie, astronomie, astronomy, astrophotography, cygnus, emission nebula, emissionsnebel, flying dragon nebula, schwan, sh2, sh2-113, sh2-114
DSLR-AIP C088 Flying Dragon Nebula by Blair MacDonald – Processing v2 Annotated

After a long hiatus from the group I processed the recent C088 data posted to DSLR AIP. Sh2-113 and Sh2-114, very faint H-alpha emission nebulae in Cygnus with some surrounding OIII streaks.

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