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C/2021 A1 Leonard – Animation

C/2021 A1 Leonard – Animation

Clouds/haze around dusk and limited transparency, but Leonard was bright enough to deliver approx. half an hour of usable data for this animation of the movements within the comet’s tail (22 RGB frames).

Also posted to my YouTube channel (new version).

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M45 – Pleiades

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M45 – Pleiades – IAS Remote Test – Dec 2021 – LRGB v2

A well known star cluster from the southern hemisphere.

All details and full size at Astrobin.

IAS – International Amateuersternwarte e.V. – Hakos Observatory, Namibia
Test of IAS remote telescope “Klein-Lukas”
Remote team: F. Hund, J. Obstfelder, L. Demetz, M. Mushardt, T. Klemmer, T. Winterer, M. Junius
Takahashi Epsilon 160, 10Micron GM3000 HPS, QHY268M, Chroma LRGB filters
71 x L, 25 x R, 23 x G, 22 x B, 60s each, mode 1, gain 56, offset 30, -10C, 4 x 20 skyflats, 12 darks
Total time: 8460s / 2h21
Data calibration/integration: PixInsight
Image processing: PixInsight, Photoshop, Lightroom

IAS Remote First Light

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NGC 2070 – Tarantula Nebula – First Light IAS Remote – Nov 2021 – Modified Hubble Palette 1a

IAS – International Amateuersternwarte e.V. – Hakos Observatory, Namibia

First light of IAS remote telescope “Klein-Lukas”, Details at Astrobin.

Remote team: F. Hund, J. Obstfelder, L. Demetz, M. Mushardt, T. Klemmer, T. Winterer, M. Junius

Alas, the setup had to be done in a hurry with many problems and the Epsilon is badly collimated at this point in time. A planned maintenance trip now most likely faces travel restrictions.

So please bear with the image quality, especially on the left side. ;-)

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More H-alpha

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Sharpless 154 and 155 Cave Nebula – Ha BW – Nov 2021 v1
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IC 417 Emission Nebula and Friends – Ha BW – Nov 2021 v1

A completely clear night – not that many of them lately – provided several hours of H-alpha to catch the nebulosities above. Meanwhile I switched from the Optolong LRGBSHO filter set to the new Baader CMOS-optimized filters. At least H-alpha seems to work better in the combination with the Esprit 100 ED and QHY 268M, but still some problems with the flats.

See Astrobin here and here for details.

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Jupiter 2021-08-18 20:30 UT

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Jupiter 2021-08-18 20:30 UT

Dank Thomas Winterers freundlicher Genehmigung, seine Daten vom August auf der IAS Sternwarte Hakos, Namibia für eine eigene Bearbeitung zu nutzen, kann ich dann auch wieder den König der Planeten fast zur Opposition (20.08.2021) mit den bis jetzt besten Details hier im Blog präsentieren.

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NGC 6888 – Crescent Nebula – Ha

astrofotografie, astronomie, astronomy, astrophotography, b&w, black and white, bw, crescent nebula, cygnus, emission nebula, emissionsnebel, fotografie, ngc, ngc6888, photography, schwan, schwarzweiß, sw
NGC 6888 – Crescent Nebula – Jul 2021 – Ha BW

Still a work in progress, mastering the QHY268M with the Optolong LRGBSHO filter set. Seems like a setup with reserved filters is required for the Esprit 100 ED with the original flattener, in order to avoid strange reflections from bright stars such as Deneb or Sadr. Shooting a familiar target here.

Technical details at Astrobin.

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