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Jupiter Animation

Jupiter Animation 2018-07-17 20:00-20:29

Jupiter Animation 2018-07-17 20:00-20:29

Jupiter-Animation. Eigentlich gar nicht geplant, daher nur 5 Frames, aber schon sehr erstaunlich, wie rasant der Riesenplanet in nur 1/2h (!) rotiert.

Jupiter animation. Not really planned, thus only 5 frames. But really fascinating how fast this gas giant rotates in only half an hour!

IAS Observatory Hakos, Namibia
PK 20″ Cassegrain 4500mm, f/9 on Liebscher mount
ASI178MC with Televue Powermate 2,5x
Gain 220, 58ms, 20% out of 1000 frames each
Image acquisition in cooperation with Michael Mushardt
Image processing AutoStakkert! 3, PixInsight, Lightroom

Widefield Namibia Skies

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Teapot with Extra Tip – Saturn visiting the Galatic Center – Jul 2018 v1

Widefield Scorpius-Sagittarius und einem planetarischen Besucher mit 50 mm, IAS – Internationale Amateursternwarte Hakos. See Astrobin for details.

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Centaurus Crux Carina Widefield – Jul 2018 v2

Widefield Centaurus-Crux-Carina mit 50 mm, IAS – Internationale Amateursternwarte Gamsberg. [Updated version v2 of the image.] See Astrobin for details.