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Night in Namibia 2022

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Night in Namibia 2022 – Time-lapse Video

A new night sky time-lapse video from Namibia April/May 2022 is ready and posted to Youtube. Full HD, due to the size limitation not available at Vimeo. Enjoy!

For the gear heads: I switched from Canon EOS to Sony Alpha for the night sky time-lapses. The combination A7 III + FE 14 mm F1.8 GM is really a game changer for me.

IC 2118 – Witch Head Nebula

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IC 2118 – Witch Head Nebula – Reflection Nebula in Orion – IAS Remote Jan 2022 – LRGB v1

A two panel mosaic of the Witch Head Nebula, with Rigel to the right outside the field giving his very best to produce some light streaks.

More details at Astrobin.

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