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Cederblad 214

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Cederblad 214 Part of NGC 7822 – Oct 2018 – Bicolor v1

Yet another bicolor processing of old data from 2018. Cederblad 214 is the brightest part of the NGC 7822 complex, strangely enough PixInsights’ annotation script regards this one alone as NGC 7822, which IMO also includes the loop from the previous post. See Astrobin for more details.

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ISS Strike at the Center of the M106 Galaxy

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ISS Strike at M106 Galaxy – 15 May 2020 02:18 CEST

When the ISS flew over Cologne, Germany on 15 May 2020, 02:17 – 02:24 CEST, the path went straight through M106 which I was imaging at that time.

Given the recent Starlink upheaval, I was a bit angry that one of my subexposures had been ruined by a bright satellite. But on second thought I realized that this was a special event. The path of the ISS flyover can be seen here on

Single image, exposure time 10 min, not stacked. See below for technical details.

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