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Eclipsed Supermoon versus Micromoon

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Moon size at U3, TLE 27 Jul 2018 vs. 21 Jan 2019

As a follow-up to last month’s total lunar eclipse, this image shows the comparison of the apparent moon size at U3 (end of totality) with the previous eclipse of July 2018, both observed in Cologne, Germany.

Left: Total Lunar Eclipses of 27 Jul 2018 at U3 23:13:12 CEST, distance* Cologne-Moon 406 196 km, full moon at apogee, sometimes called “Micromoon”.

Right: Total Lunar Eclipse of 21 Jan 2019 at U3 06:43:24 CET, distance* Cologne-Moon 358 064 km, full moon at perigee, nowadays called “Supermoon”, giving rise to the blatant “Super Wolf Blood Moon” nuisance.

* Distance at meridian passing according to timeanddate.com

Lunar Eclipse 21 Jan 2019

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Lunar Eclipse 21 Jan 2019 – Trail over Cologne Cathedral

[Update] WOW, what a pleasant surprise. This image made it as Astronomy Picture of the Day on 22 Jan 2019!

This lunar eclipse trail shows the partially and totally eclipsed Moon over the Unesco World Heritage Cologne Cathedral, Germany, amongst ultra-bright city lights. Normally this isn’t an astronomy hot spot, and it’s hard to make out any stars beyond Mag 2 at this location. But given the geometry of the setting moon and the lunar eclipse I simply had to do this. ;-)

Composite of 68 images for the moon trail from 04h41 until 07h29 CET edited in Lightroom/Photoshop, thereof 3 for the foreground and the dawn sky at 07h29 CET, removing a bicyclist and a pedestrian. Some horizontal stray light from the street lights.

We spent a total of 4 hours at around -7 °C at the Hohenzollern Bridge, but that’s the fate of the astronomically minded.

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Great American Eclipse Video

Total Solar Eclipse 21 Aug 2017 – “Great American Eclipse” from Martin Junius on Vimeo.

Combined time-lapse and real-time video of the “Great American Eclipse“, the total solar eclipse on 21 Aug 2017 in Oregon, USA.

Kombiniertes Zeitraffer- und Echtzeitvideo der “Great American Eclipse“, der totalen Sonnenfinsternis am 21. August in Oregon, USA.

Great American Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse 21 Aug 2017 – Totality Composite v2


Ein erstes Album mit Bildern von der totalen Sonnenfinsternis am 21. August 2017 in Oregon, USA, ist jetzt fertig. Zu finden auf Facebook, Google Fotos, OneDrive oder hinter dem “continue reading”-Link …

A first album with photos of the total solar eclipse on 21 Aug 2017 aka the “Great American Eclipse” in Oregon, USA, is now ready. To be found at Facebook, Google Photos, OneDrive or behind the “continue reading” link …

Lokation / location:

The Cove Palisades State Park near Culver, Oregon, USA

44°34’48.2″ N
121°15’42.0″ W
783 m

C1 9:06:34 PDT / 16:06:34 UT
C2 10:19:22 PDT / 17:19:22 UT
C3 10:21:19 PDT / 17:21:19 UT
C4 11:40:52 PDT / 18:40:52 UT

Totality duration 1m 57s.

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TSE 2016 Time-lapse Video

Total Solar Eclipse 09 Mar 2016 – Belitung, Indonesia (Time-lapse) from Martin Junius on Vimeo.

Da hatte ich doch glatt vergessen, das schon letztes Jahr erstellte Time-lapse Video hier auf der Website zu posten.

For some reason I didn’t post last year’s time-lapse video to the website, so here it is.


TSE 2016 Real Time Video

Total Solar Eclipse 09 Mar 2016 – Belitung, Indonesia (Real Time) from Martin Junius on Vimeo.

Noch ein Nachzügler vom letzten Jahr, hat ein Weilchen gedauert, die GoPro-Videos aufzubereiten, nicht zuletzt auch durch die Einarbeitung in DaVinci Resolve. Also hier die totale Sofi 2016 Indonesien in Realtime, bevor jetzt die ganzen Ergebnisse der ringförmigen von den Hard Core Finsternisreisenden kommen …

Something from the backlog, finally I managed to complete the real time video of the total solar eclipse 09 Mar 2016 in Indonesia. Just to get this out of the door, before all the results from the hard core eclipse chasers for the ASE on next weekend come in …

See you in Oregon, USA …

TSE 2016 Complete Photography

Jakarta Old Town - Jalan Tol Pelabuhan #1

Indonesia – Jakarta and Belitung

Total Solar Eclipse 09 March 2016 - Indonesia - Belitong - Panta

Indonesia – Total Solar Eclipse 09 March 2016 on Belitung

Singapore - Singapore River - Boat Quay #1


Took some time, but now the three albums with all photography from the trip to Indonesia and Singapore for the total solar eclipse of March 2016 are complete.

Hat etwas gedauert, aber jetzt sind die drei Fotoalben mit allen Fotos von der Reise zur totalen Sonnenfinsternis im März 2016 nach Indonesien und Singapur komplett.

Indonesia – Total Solar Eclipse 2016 – Singapore

Transit of Mercury

Transit of Mercury 09 May 2016 from Martin Junius on Vimeo.

Somewhat cloudy, especially towards the end, but most of the transit of Mercury was clearly visible from Brück, Cologne, Germany.

Einige Wolken, besonders zum Ende hin, aber der Großteil der Merkurtransits konnte in Brück, Köln beobachtet werden.

The time-lapse video is available on / das Zeitraffervideo gibt’s auf: Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube.


  • Canon 5D Mark II, Televue Powermate 2x, William Optics FT 81 FD f/5.9 478mm, Baader filter, Skywatcher AZ EQ6 GT
  • Canon 5D Mark III, EF 8-15 f/4 L Fisheye @ 14mm
  • GoPro Hero4 Silver
  • 2x ISR Twin1 timer

Location: near Friedhof Brück, Cologne, Germany
50°55’45” N 7°4’43” E

Total Solar Eclipse 2016

The total solar eclipse of 09 Mar 2016 on Belitung, Indonesia under difficult conditions, as close as it gets to clouded out.

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