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Total Solar Eclipse 2016

The total solar eclipse of 09 Mar 2016 on Belitung, Indonesia under difficult conditions, as close as it gets to clouded out.

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Flight into Darkness

Total Solar Eclipse 20 Mar 2015 #5 - 3rd Contact

Total Solar Eclipse 20 Mar 2015 #5 – 3rd Contact

More than two years after our last one, we took the plunge and off into the darkness. Literally.

What I’m writing about is the total solar eclipse of 20 March 2015 over the Northern Atlantic Ocean, of course. A place and time where weather prospect weren’t exactly stellar or solar, thus quite early, already in 2013, we booked Eclipse Reisen’s e-flight (operated by Air Berlin, AB 1000) from Düsseldorf.

Into the car, onto the plane, into the darkness, back into the light and the Düsseldorfian fog, and home-bound again. 12 hours round-trip, certainly a very “efficient” eclipse trip. ;-)

The experience in the air was quite different from our previous ground-based eclipse excursions. A lot of the anxiety and anticipation – will we really see totality? – is missing, as success is almost guaranteed. And when the plane finally navigates into the “eclipse run”, the partial phase is mostly completed, we didn’t get to see C1 or C4.

But absolutely priceless is the view of the moon’s umbra moving across the clouds below, seemingly slowly catching up with the air plane, then plunging us into darkness, and finally off it goes, moving away from of us. Thus I’m very happy that I was able to catch this on video.

35,000 ft above the Northern Atlantic / Norwegian Sea with mid totality at 63°31’21.3″N 7°53’05.6″W / UTC 09:43:30. From the telephoto shots I did, the contact times and positions were as follows:

  • C2 at UTC 09:41:35 / 63°20’18” N 8°13’23” W
  • C3 at UTC 09:45:15 / 63°40’53” N 7°35’37” W

for a totality duration of 3min 40s.

Impressive, as it always has been and will be. Where’s the next one? …

Jazz Rally 2014

Jazz Rally 2014 -  Incognito - Bluey Maunick and Matt Cooper on Drums

Jazz Rally 2014 – Incognito – Bluey Maunick and Matt Cooper on Drums

Wie gefühlt jedes Jahr, tatsächlichzum 22. Mal und es war unser dritter Besuch, fand wieder die Jazz Rally in Düsseldorf statt. Drei wunderbare Sommertage, das Unwetter über Nordrhein-Westfalen hatte sich glücklicherweise erst den Pfingstmontag nach dem Festival ausgesucht.

Der erste Schwung Bilder vom Freitag kann besichtigt werden, hier im Galeriealbum Jazz Rally 2014, gleiche Bildauswahl auch auf Google+ und ein kleineres Set auf ipernity. Zu sehen sind Fotos der Auftritte des Mathias Eick Quintetts und der Acid Jazz Formation Incognito.

Ausstellung “Alte Meister”

Einladung Ausstellung 1

Einladung Ausstellung

Im Rahmen der Ausstellung “Acht serielle fotografische Arbeiten nach einem alten Meister” (Gruppenausstellung Michaela Burger, Carmen Buszello, Anne Hochgürtel, Martin Junius, Hartmut Schneider, Alexandra Schweda, René Sikkes, Beate Wagner) werden auch die Bilder aus meiner Serie “Urban Nexus” zu sehen sein.

Die Vernissage findet am Samstag, dem 16. Februar 2013 um 18 Uhr in der VHS-Galerie im KOMED statt.

Adresse: Im Mediapark 7, 50670 Köln (Untergeschoss)

Über Euren Besuch würden wir uns natürlich sehr freuen. Die Ausstellung ist danach bis zum 12. April 2013 zu sehen, Öffnungszeiten Mo-Fr 8-22h, Sa/So 8-18h.

Einladung Ausstellung VHS 16.2.

Vielen Dank an die VHS Köln, insbesondere Frau Amelie Wangrin, und Karl von Westerholt für die Unterstützung.

Eclipse on APOD

Total Solar Eclipse 13/14 Nov 2012 #4 - Chromosphere

Total Solar Eclipse 13/14 Nov 2012 #4 – Chromosphere

More impressive images from the 13/14 Nov total solar eclipse can be found on the NASA Astronomy Photo of the Day website (APOD).

Eclipse Photography Equipment

Total Solar Eclipse 13/14 Nov 2012 #7 - Totality Composite

Total Solar Eclipse 13/14 Nov 2012 #7 – Totality Composite

Equipment, what worked, what didn’t? Well, everything did, so I’m quite happy with the setup used to photograph the 13/14 Nov 2012 total solar eclipse:

When using EclipseOrchestrator, it is extremely important to test the control scripts thoroughly, over and over again. Camera cycle times and overall timing are tricky, especially when using mirror lockup and a serial port shutter cable. BTW: Fred’s support for his program is superb!

The Astrotrac’s tracking time is approx. 2 hours, just a perfect match for a total solar eclipse. And you definitely need something like the wedge and GIRO-mini, a normal “photo” ball head just won’t do it. For this eclipse the GIRO-mini would probably have worked without counterweights, as the sun was just 12 degrees above the horizon at totality and thus the GIRO-mini in a more or less upright position.