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Partial Solar Eclipse 01 Sep 2016 Namibia

Partial Solar Eclipse 01 Sep 2016 Namibia from Martin Junius on Vimeo.

Time-lapse video of the partial solar eclipse on Hakos, Namibia (annular in Central Africa, Madagascar, La Réunion).

Zeitraffer der partiellen Sonnenfinsternis auf Hakos, Namibia (ringförmig in Zentralafrika, Madagaskar, La Réunion).

Driving Namibia

Driving Namibia from Martin Junius on Vimeo.

A Namibia July 2015 road trip time-lapse video.
Time-lapse photography by Martin Junius: GoPro HERO4 Silver, Lightroom, Avisynth, ffmpeg
Music “Night in Namibia” by Martin Junius: NI Komplete and analog sounds from a Moog Mother-32
Special thanks to: Johann Walter Straube (R.I.P.), Waltraud Eppelmann, Friedhelm Hund, Wolf-Peter Hartmann
… and of course: Jennifer Büter, Susanne Büter

Also uploaded to Youtube.

Transit of Mercury

Transit of Mercury 09 May 2016 from Martin Junius on Vimeo.

Somewhat cloudy, especially towards the end, but most of the transit of Mercury was clearly visible from Brück, Cologne, Germany.

Einige Wolken, besonders zum Ende hin, aber der Großteil der Merkurtransits konnte in Brück, Köln beobachtet werden.

The time-lapse video is available on / das Zeitraffervideo gibt’s auf: Facebook, Vimeo, Youtube.


  • Canon 5D Mark II, Televue Powermate 2x, William Optics FT 81 FD f/5.9 478mm, Baader filter, Skywatcher AZ EQ6 GT
  • Canon 5D Mark III, EF 8-15 f/4 L Fisheye @ 14mm
  • GoPro Hero4 Silver
  • 2x ISR Twin1 timer

Location: near Friedhof Brück, Cologne, Germany
50°55’45” N 7°4’43” E

Flight into Darkness

Total Solar Eclipse 20 Mar 2015 #5 - 3rd Contact

Total Solar Eclipse 20 Mar 2015 #5 – 3rd Contact

More than two years after our last one, we took the plunge and off into the darkness. Literally.

What I’m writing about is the total solar eclipse of 20 March 2015 over the Northern Atlantic Ocean, of course. A place and time where weather prospect weren’t exactly stellar or solar, thus quite early, already in 2013, we booked Eclipse Reisen’s e-flight (operated by Air Berlin, AB 1000) from Düsseldorf.

Into the car, onto the plane, into the darkness, back into the light and the Düsseldorfian fog, and home-bound again. 12 hours round-trip, certainly a very “efficient” eclipse trip. ;-)

The experience in the air was quite different from our previous ground-based eclipse excursions. A lot of the anxiety and anticipation – will we really see totality? – is missing, as success is almost guaranteed. And when the plane finally navigates into the “eclipse run”, the partial phase is mostly completed, we didn’t get to see C1 or C4.

But absolutely priceless is the view of the moon’s umbra moving across the clouds below, seemingly slowly catching up with the air plane, then plunging us into darkness, and finally off it goes, moving away from of us. Thus I’m very happy that I was able to catch this on video.

35,000 ft above the Northern Atlantic / Norwegian Sea with mid totality at 63°31’21.3″N 7°53’05.6″W / UTC 09:43:30. From the telephoto shots I did, the contact times and positions were as follows:

  • C2 at UTC 09:41:35 / 63°20’18” N 8°13’23” W
  • C3 at UTC 09:45:15 / 63°40’53” N 7°35’37” W

for a totality duration of 3min 40s.

Impressive, as it always has been and will be. Where’s the next one? …

Hakos Time-lapse

Hakos, Namibia 2014 Time-lapse from Martin Junius on Vimeo.

Time-lapse video from a short trip to the IAS Observatory (Internationale Amateur Sternwarte) at Hakos, Namibia in June 2014.

Natürlich darf auch ein Zeitraffervideo von der  Internationalen Amateursternwarte IAS auf Hakos, Namibia nicht fehlen. Und so pittoresk die Wolken hier auch sind, in drei von acht Beobachtungsnächten waren sie dann doch störend. Insbesondere für Michael und Lutz, die eine Sternbedeckung durch den Asteroiden Chariklo bzw. dessen Ringen vermessen wollten.

Video erstellt mit Lightroom, Starstax, Avisynth, VIrtualdub, Handbrake. Schön, dass einige freie “Old School” Werkzeuge für die Videoverarbeitung da noch mal richtig nützlich sind.

Musik erstellt mit Ableton Live, Native Instruments Komplete und meinem Kawai ES-6 als Master-Keyboard. Das iPad musste beim Musikmachen mal außen vor bleiben. ;-)

Tides and Stars

Tides and Stars – Gröde 2013 Timelapse from Martin Junius on Vimeo.

A first shot at a timelapse video featuring tides and stars photographed around Easter 2013 on Hallig Gröde.

Image editing in Lightroom, video editing in Virtualdub, final encoding in Handbrake. Music created on iPad using Garageband, Addictive Synth, Sunrizer, Animoog.

Eine erste Version des Zeitraffervideos mit Gezeiten und Sternen, fotografiert Ostern 2013 auf Hallig Gröde.

Bildbearbeitung in Lightroom, Videobearbeitung in Virtualdub, Endversion kodiert in Handbrake. Musik entstanden am iPad mit Garageband und den Synthesizern Addictive SynthSunrizerAnimoog.