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More Prague from 2009

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Streets of Prague #5 – Kaprova

From some depth of the archive: images from my first trip to Prague, back in May 2009, now added to the other Prag 2009 stuff in the corresponding album.

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Interestingly, a lot of the somewhat derelict facades photographed back then, have been refurbished and look way better today or on Google streetview.

Frome the Archives: Encircled Block

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Encircled Block

Back to the roots, the first part of the Stadtbild Köln series. An image from an excursion to Chorweiler, Cologne’s infamous suburb, but not without a certain photographic appeal. For Karl of course, this particular picture would be much too pretentious. ;-)

From the Archives: Butzweilerhof

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Big Brother is Watching You #7

Butzweilerhof, Ossendorf, Cologne’s former airfield. Among the barracks buildings there is also the decaying container home used for one season of the Big Brother TV show.

As of lately, the Butzweilerhof area features a major outlet of your favourite Swedish-style furniture supplier.

This is one of my more popular Butzweilerhof images at ipernity.

[Update] Complete series: Gallery > Photography > Köln > Butzweilerhof