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TSE 2016 Time-lapse Video

Total Solar Eclipse 09 Mar 2016 – Belitung, Indonesia (Time-lapse) from Martin Junius on Vimeo.

Da hatte ich doch glatt vergessen, das schon letztes Jahr erstellte Time-lapse Video hier auf der Website zu posten.

For some reason I didn’t post last year’s time-lapse video to the website, so here it is.


TSE 2016 Real Time Video

Total Solar Eclipse 09 Mar 2016 – Belitung, Indonesia (Real Time) from Martin Junius on Vimeo.

Noch ein Nachzügler vom letzten Jahr, hat ein Weilchen gedauert, die GoPro-Videos aufzubereiten, nicht zuletzt auch durch die Einarbeitung in DaVinci Resolve. Also hier die totale Sofi 2016 Indonesien in Realtime, bevor jetzt die ganzen Ergebnisse der ringförmigen von den Hard Core Finsternisreisenden kommen …

Something from the backlog, finally I managed to complete the real time video of the total solar eclipse 09 Mar 2016 in Indonesia. Just to get this out of the door, before all the results from the hard core eclipse chasers for the ASE on next weekend come in …

See you in Oregon, USA …

Partial Solar Eclipse 01 Sep 2016 Namibia

Partial Solar Eclipse 01 Sep 2016 Namibia from Martin Junius on Vimeo.

Time-lapse video of the partial solar eclipse on Hakos, Namibia (annular in Central Africa, Madagascar, La Réunion).

Zeitraffer der partiellen Sonnenfinsternis auf Hakos, Namibia (ringförmig in Zentralafrika, Madagaskar, La Réunion).

TSE 2016 Complete Photography

Jakarta Old Town - Jalan Tol Pelabuhan #1

Indonesia – Jakarta and Belitung

Total Solar Eclipse 09 March 2016 - Indonesia - Belitong - Panta

Indonesia – Total Solar Eclipse 09 March 2016 on Belitung

Singapore - Singapore River - Boat Quay #1


Took some time, but now the three albums with all photography from the trip to Indonesia and Singapore for the total solar eclipse of March 2016 are complete.

Hat etwas gedauert, aber jetzt sind die drei Fotoalben mit allen Fotos von der Reise zur totalen Sonnenfinsternis im März 2016 nach Indonesien und Singapur komplett.

Indonesia – Total Solar Eclipse 2016 – Singapore


Jakarta - Monas and Skyline #1

Jakarta – Monas and Skyline #1

More images from the total solar eclipse trip in Indonesia, starting with Jakarta, can be found in the respective albums at Google Photos, Ipernity, Facebook.

Mehr Bilder von der Reise zur totalen Sonnenfinsternis in Indonesien, beginnend mit Jakarta, finden sich in den entsprechenden Alben bei Google Fotos, Ipernity, Facebook.

Total Solar Eclipse 2016

The total solar eclipse of 09 Mar 2016 on Belitung, Indonesia under difficult conditions, as close as it gets to clouded out.

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Flight into Darkness

Total Solar Eclipse 20 Mar 2015 #5 - 3rd Contact

Total Solar Eclipse 20 Mar 2015 #5 – 3rd Contact

More than two years after our last one, we took the plunge and off into the darkness. Literally.

What I’m writing about is the total solar eclipse of 20 March 2015 over the Northern Atlantic Ocean, of course. A place and time where weather prospect weren’t exactly stellar or solar, thus quite early, already in 2013, we booked Eclipse Reisen’s e-flight (operated by Air Berlin, AB 1000) from Düsseldorf.

Into the car, onto the plane, into the darkness, back into the light and the Düsseldorfian fog, and home-bound again. 12 hours round-trip, certainly a very “efficient” eclipse trip. ;-)

The experience in the air was quite different from our previous ground-based eclipse excursions. A lot of the anxiety and anticipation – will we really see totality? – is missing, as success is almost guaranteed. And when the plane finally navigates into the “eclipse run”, the partial phase is mostly completed, we didn’t get to see C1 or C4.

But absolutely priceless is the view of the moon’s umbra moving across the clouds below, seemingly slowly catching up with the air plane, then plunging us into darkness, and finally off it goes, moving away from of us. Thus I’m very happy that I was able to catch this on video.

35,000 ft above the Northern Atlantic / Norwegian Sea with mid totality at 63°31’21.3″N 7°53’05.6″W / UTC 09:43:30. From the telephoto shots I did, the contact times and positions were as follows:

  • C2 at UTC 09:41:35 / 63°20’18” N 8°13’23” W
  • C3 at UTC 09:45:15 / 63°40’53” N 7°35’37” W

for a totality duration of 3min 40s.

Impressive, as it always has been and will be. Where’s the next one? …

The Rest of Australia

Dirt Road #2

Dirt Road #2

… well sort of. ;-) Beside the total solar eclipse on 14 Nov 2012 in Queensland there was a lot more to see during our 2012 trip to Australia. The new Google+ photo album Australia 2012 showcases pictures from Sydney, the Blue Mountains and of course Queensland. Some of the Eclipse and Australia images were taken by Susanne.

… darf natürlich auch nicht fehlen. ;-) Neben den Bilder rund um die Sofi am 14. November 2012 in Queensland gibt’s den Rest der Bilder in einem neuen Fotoalbum Australia 2012 bei Google+. Einige der Sofi- und Australienbilder stammen von Susanne.