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Fagradalsfjall Volcano Eruption

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Fagradalsfjall Volcano Eruption #1

A trip to Iceland in September, with high hopes to see the Fagradalsfjall volcano in action. At first a bit disappointed, because activities stopped just before we arrived, we were lucky on the last but one day and the fourth hike into the volcano area. A splendid display of lava fountains and flows from the late afternoon into the night. More images/videos to come!

NGC 6888 – Crescent Nebula – Ha

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NGC 6888 – Crescent Nebula – Jul 2021 – Ha BW

Still a work in progress, mastering the QHY268M with the Optolong LRGBSHO filter set. Seems like a setup with reserved filters is required for the Esprit 100 ED with the original flattener, in order to avoid strange reflections from bright stars such as Deneb or Sadr. Shooting a familiar target here.

Technical details at Astrobin.

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North America and Pelican

astrofotografie, astronomie, astronomy, astrophotography, b&w, black and white, bw, cygnus, emission nebula, emissionsnebel, fotografie, photography, schwan, schwarzweiß, sw
NGC 7000 – North America Nebula and IC 5070 Pelican Nebula – Ha BW – Jun 2021 Mosaic v1

Continuing the explorations with the QHY268M, a two panel H-alpha mosaic. And the first time I used NINA to control the imaging session.

Backyard astrophotography in light-polluted Cologne-Dellbrück (SQM 19.7)
Skywatcher Esprit 100/550 ED, Skywatcher Flattener, Optolong Ha 7nm / QHY268M
OAG with Lodestar X2
Mount AZ EQ6 GT
Image acquisition: CdC, NINA, PHD2, dithering
Ha: 2 x 6 x 600s, mode 1, gain 56, offset 10, -5C, 10 flats, 50 bias, 20 darks
Data calibration/integration: PixInsight
Image processing: PixInsight, Lightroom, two panel mosaic

Namibia 2018 – Gamsberg

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Gamsberg 2018 – Sunset – After the Rain #2

Trotz widriger Wetterbedingungen waren die sechs Nächte auf dem Gamsberg der Höhepunkt der Namibia-Reise, ein wenig “Star Party” Feeling auf 2340 m, die nächste Farm zwei Stunden entfernt, bei schwierigster Auf- und Abfahrt. Alle Bilder hier im Album Gamsberg.

Despite the cold and rainy weather, the six nights on the Gamsberg were the climax of our Namibia tour in 2018, a bit of “star party” feeling on 2340 m, two hours to the next farm, via a most difficult pad. All images here in the corresponding Gamsberg album.

Mars October 2020

14-inch celestron c14, NA, astrofotografie, astronomie, astronomy, astrophotography, hakos, hakos guest farm, ias, ias observatory, ias observatory hakos, khomas, mars, namibia, planeten, planets, solar system, sonnensystem, world
Mars 2020-10-23 21:57:23

Zumindest ein paar Daten aus Namibia. ;-) Danke an Michael Mushardt für die Möglichkeit seine Aufnahmen aus dem Oktober 2020 zu bearbeiten.

At least some data from Namibia. ;-) Thanks to Michael Mushardt for making his data from October 2020 available for processing.

Internationale Amateursternwarte e.V.
IAS Observatory Hakos, Namibia
Celestron C14 14″ 3910mm f/11 on Kraska horseshoe mount
ASI178MC with Televue Powermate 2,5x
10% out of 3804 frames
Image acquisition by Michael Mushardt: FireCapture
Image processing by Martin Junius: AutoStakkert! 3, PixInsight, Lightroom