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RCW 32 – Gum 15

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RCW 32 – Gum 15 – Emission Nebula in Vela – IAS Hakos, Namibia – Apr 2022 v1a

Another image from April at the IAS Observatory Hakos, Namibia. Designated RCW 32 or Gum 15, an emission nebula in the constellation Vela.

Meanwhile I started using PixInsight’s new Weighted Batch PreProcessor (WBPP), with the option to split the R, G, B channels in the Debayer process and align / integrate the channels separately. This really improves image quality with OSC and using WBPP takes over the otherwise tedious manual process.

All details at Astrobin.

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A New Elephant Trunk

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IC 1396 – Elephant Trunk Nebula – Jun 2022 Ha BW v1

A quick capture during a clear mid summer night. An “advantage” of the light polution here: even so astronomical twilight isn’t reached, the sky brightness is for approx. 3 hours in the range of SQM 19.5 to 19.9. SQM 20.0 is the maximum I measured in my backyard in spring 2020 with the excellent “lock-down” skies.

Hopefully a break in the currently cloudy and rainy weather for some additional O3 und S2 data during the next days before the moon returns.

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Night in Namibia 2022

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Night in Namibia 2022 – Time-lapse Video

A new night sky time-lapse video from Namibia April/May 2022 is ready and posted to Youtube. Full HD, due to the size limitation not available at Vimeo. Enjoy!

For the gear heads: I switched from Canon EOS to Sony Alpha for the night sky time-lapses. The combination A7 III + FE 14 mm F1.8 GM is really a game changer for me.