NGC 6334 – Cat’s Paw Nebula

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NGC 6334 – Cat’s Paw Nebula v2

NGC 6334 aka Cat’s Paw Nebula, an emission nebula and star-forming region in Scorpius.
(Updated version with improved colors, albeit a far cry from proper color calibration.)

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Internationale Amateursternwarte e.V.
IAS Observatory Hakos, Namibia, 21.8 mag/”2
20″ AK3 Newtonian Astrograph, 4″ Wynne Coma Corrector, 1923mm f/3.8
English mount with FS2
Off axis guiding with Lodestar X2
Image acquisition: CdC, APT, PHD2, dithering
ASI294MC Pro, Astronomik L2 filter, 24x300s, -10C, gain 120, 30 flats, 30 darkflats, 71 darks, no bias
Imaging date: 09/10 May 2019
Data calibration/integration: PixInsight
Image processing: PixInsight, Photoshop, Lightroom