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More Jupiter

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Jupiter 2019-05-04 02:40 w/Ganymede

One of the better single Jupiter images, taken back in May at Hakos, Namibia. Conditions for planetary imaging were relatively poor, tried over the course of 5 nights. All new single Jupiter images can be found in the Planets album.

Internationale Amateursternwarte e.V.
IAS Observatory Hakos, Namibia
Celestron C14 14″ 3910mm f/11 on Kraska horseshoe mount
ASI178MC with Televue Powermate 2,5x
Gain 240, 60ms, 10% out of 1000 frames
Image acquisition in cooperation with Michael Mushardt: Sharpcap
Image processing: AutoStakkert! 3, PixInsight, PIPP, Lightroom

M87 – Supergiant Elliptical Galaxy

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M87 – Virgo A – NGC 4486 – Supergiant Elliptical Galaxy

M87 aka Virgo A aka NGC 4486, a supergiant elliptical galaxy in Virgo. Recently, in April 2019, the Event Horizon Telescope project published the first direct image of (the shadow of) the supermassive black hole at the center. The cutout shows the blueish plasma jet emitted from the central black hole.

All details at Astrobin Image of the Day 01 Aug 2019 and the version with enlargement here.

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